About Carmel Food Tours

Carmel Food Tours started in 2012 becoming the first guided culinary and wine walking tour in Carmel by the Sea. We are focused on helping visitors and Carmel residents alike enjoy the best “off-the-beaten-path” food and cultural experience possible.

We researched Carmel by enjoying the most interesting and delicious foods available in Carmel’s most unique eateries. We sampled flavored vinegars and wood-fired breads, enjoyed decadent chocolate, sipped the most delicious local wines, and enjoyed exotic and local cheeses. We studied the history that makes this artists’ community so colorful, creative and vibrant. Finally, we planned our ideal route with the intention of acquainting others with “our” Carmel.

Being in an area where the number and high quality of restaurants is so concentrated, it was a challenge to choose. The selections we made for our signature Downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea Classic Food Tour are truly the “best of the best” of what Carmel-by-the-Sea has to offer with regard to food and wine. When it came to our newest offering, the Gimme-a-Breakfast Tour, we truly believe we made the most discerning selections, and that you’ll enjoy new and exciting offerings that will become staples for every visit to Carmel. Our landscape is always evolving, and we remain vigilant for opportunities to improve and enhance the experience of our guests.

In addition to discovering the fantastic specialty foods available in Carmel, our guests learn the local history, architecture and cultural information that makes Carmel what it is today. We include information regarding local entertainment and restaurant offerings so that participants can expand their experiences in Carmel-by-the-Sea beyond the tour itself. We are proud to provide what guests need to return with confidence to not only the stops on our tour, but to explore the hidden passageways, other trusted restaurants and retailers, and to experience Carmel in a way that is more rewarding than walking on the main street. Instead of just reading reviews, our guests have experiences that are both repeatable and expandable – it’s why we recommend taking our Carmel Food Tour at the beginning of your stay!

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Meet The Founders


Staci’s Interior Design background focused on creating a specific experience for the user, and culinary tourism was a natural extension of that skill. With a deep-seated passion for food, wine and exploring her surroundings, Carmel Food Tours was a natural place to land. She also enjoys working out with her husband, teaching indoor cycling, and her two pups.



With a penchant for holding purse strings tight, Dan was the obvious choice for keeping Carmel Food Tours on firm footing. Dan built and sold a successful software company before there was internet.

Meet the Tour Guides and Other Team Members!

Personality is the name of the game at Carmel Food Tours, and all of our Team Members have loads of it. Each one brings something special "to the table" - join us and see how


Tour Leader

Tracy spent many years in a university setting helping to translate the work of vision research scientists to the general public. Subject matter on the food tour is much more fun!



Tour Leader

Migdalia knows how special the central coast truly is — after all, she grew up here and remains a local resident today with her husband and two daughters.



Tour Leader

Raised on the Monterey Peninsula, Amber has unique insight into creating an enjoyable experience in Carmel, which she believes is one of the most beautiful places on earth.



Tour Leader

Born in a Comstock Cottage, but raised in the weirdness of Portland, Bonnie has a local's perspective colored with real-world experience. She'll show you exactly why she loves Carmel.



Tour Leader

Kimberly was raised right in Carmel. She wants each guest to leave with their own special connection to the place she, her 3 sons, and her wonderpup feel blessed to call home.



Operations Manager aka "Right Hand"

As an Event Design & Prod. Specialist Leighsa is innately aware of flow, timing and the importance of "experience" for a seamless event. Her background enables her to gracefully "see the big picture."


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